Designed for flexibility in any landscape. Just add sun and plants.

Single or multiple Seed Havens can be tucked into any sunny space available. Each family member can have an individualized garden to enjoy. Kids love to learn about growing food at home and saving pollinators.

"My husband and I bought your product this year and could not be happier. We have a very small area and we found that not only were pests not an issue but we seemed to be able to fit more plants in and weeds were easier to manage. Great product.", Jennifer

An architectural Seed Haven garden integrated into an urban landscape. Beautiful!

Laurie Green Border copy.jpg


A wonderful mini garden. Lebanese cucumbers climbing their trellis and Celebrity bush tomatoes in blossom. The fence is to keep the bunnies at bay!

Sams Green copy.jpg


Let your imagination rule. Here we have from left to right, front to back: peppers, ruby lettuce, mesclun, basil; peas, beets, carrots, carrots; tomatoes, beans, beans.


These sugar snap peas grew more than 7 feet tall. Supports were installed inside Seed Havens to prevent pest from gaining access to the vines.

PeggyPeasGreen copy.jpg

Holy pepper plants Batman. I think they went 'bananas'.

PeggyPeppers copy.jpg

Celebrating the "celebrity" tomato plants. I can already smell the sauce and soup. 

PeggyTomato copy.jpg