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Q1: What do I do with Seed Haven for the winter?

Seed Haven cannot be left in ground that freezes. The best way to prolong the life of Seed Haven is to remove it from the garden as soon as you are finished with it. Store it out of the sun because sun is the mortal enemy of plastic no matter what formulation is used. 

Q2: Can I use plant supports with Seed Haven?

Of course, but the plant supports must not be put in the ground outside of Seed Haven. This would allow pests to crawl up the plant support and gain access.

Q3. Is Seed Haven Recyclable and BPA Free?

The answer is yes and yes. Seed Haven is made from high quality ABS and is free of BPAs.


This is a bit of a complex question but a very good one. Compost comes in various forms from well aged to fresh. The pests that we are trying to keep from plants have an important purpose - to decompose plant matter into, well, compost. It follows that fresh compost like clippings, manure and the like are  chock a block with these pests. It would not be good  to use this material inside Seed Haven. Well aged compost can be mixed with garden soil without problems. It would be best to do this in the fall before planting season. Mushroom compost should be fine as it is very well aged. 

Q5. what are the best tomatoes for SEED HAVEN

Seed Haven is ideal for determinate tomatoes such as the disease  resistant "Celebrity". That said, any tomato plant can be grown. Support systems should not be erected outside of Seed Haven as this will provide a path for pests. Spirals are good support systems. Remove lower branches that are about to hang on the ground and keep your plants in fine form. It's worth a bit of effort to keep those nasty holes from appearing with slug trails everywhere.

Q6. How do I grow vertical plantings

To grow vertical plantings, it is necessary to keep the supports within Seed Haven to avoid making a pathway for pests. If you want a wall of plants, the trellis structure can span several Seed Havens with supports arranged across the set. 

Trellis for Peas, Cucumber etc. in Seed Haven

Trellis for Peas, Cucumber etc. in Seed Haven

Q7. How do I support various crops like beans

In the pictures on the See It page, there are supports shown for beans. This same structure can be used to keep many plants from flopping out onto the ground. Here are some of the supports folks use for their plants.

Tomato cages inside Seed Haven. Determinate "Celebrity" shown.

Tomato cages inside Seed Haven. Determinate "Celebrity" shown.

Supports for beans, swiss chard etc. in Seed Haven

Supports for beans, swiss chard etc. in Seed Haven