Are those critters "pests" or not

Many remedies for garden pests focus on destruction. A few focus on deterrents. Seed Haven focuses on protection. In so doing, Seed Haven allows nature to follow its intended course. Albeit, without sacrificing certain select plant material.

We call these critters "pests because they undertake activities that are not beneficial to our plants". Much like a weed being described as a "plant where we would prefer it were not". When, all the while, they are doing their important job of turning plant material into soil nutrients.

Destructive remedies are often not very selective resulting in beneficial critters being harmed as well. Much research has been done on the potions used for this approach and the efficacy numbers are not stellar. In addition, effectiveness is only achieved when the undesirable has been directly contacted. Not easy to achieve.

Deterrents have been formulated from a wide range of natural materials such as garlic, peppers, companion plants and the like. This is a more desirable approach because noxious chemicals are not introduced directly into the environment. However, the efficacy is, perhaps, less than the aforementioned destructive materials. One has to come to a resolve on the degree of destruction one can tolerate.

Seed Haven is a protection device. It presents an obstacle as critters try to gain access to plant material. It protects seedlings when they are most vulnerable providing them the best opportunity possible to develop into mature strong healthy plants. But, the Seed Haven approach presented an opportunity to go beyond protection. By concentrating sunlight and capturing nutrient rich rainwater, it evolved into a powerful micro-environment. Meanwhile, nature's critters are left to go about their business elsewhere and are not, technically, "pests". I'm just sayin'.