HQ Gardens 24 days On

The weather this year has been erratic to say the least. Degree days this year since planting are only 121 whereas last year we had 140. The range of degree days has been from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 12. On May 22, there was a bad frost and things were set back dramatically. What has been more damaging is the relentless cold north winds desiccating leaves. Also, because the Spring has been cool and dry and the winter the coldest in 100 years, the pests are slow to emerge. This can tend to give a false impression as to their numbers. However, emerge they have. We observed the first slugs and earwigs this week. Millipedes have been around much longer as they have been populating the deep end of the pool when they attempt the back stroke. Because nighttime temperatures are below 10 C, plants continue to show slow growth, especially herbs such as basil. This week things are forecast to improve.