Getting the test gardens up and running

Ottawa had a brutally cold winter this year. January and February rarely saw temperatures above 0 C. The perennials, especially tree peonies, did not fare well at all. They were glorious last year but have been killed to the ground this year. But, we are gardeners and we just carry on.

Seed Haven is out and about in retail stores and we are looking forward to comments from fellow green thumbs. At home base, our test gardens have been prepared and the accompanying photos show the planting configuration we will be using.  The gardens are exactly the same size. The little white stakes in the front set out an area the same size and location as the Seed Havens in the background. The final plantings will be decided in a few days.

The soil temperature was tested today and it was 17 C.  This is reasonable for all but the tomatoes, peppers and beans. However, May 15-21 is the average last frost date range in Ontario and a little later in Ottawa. It's probably wise to wait a week or two before sowing. The seeds can be germinating but not sprouting and thus are a bit protected from that last potential frost. The long range forecast (one of them that is) is above 10 C at night from May 13th. We'll see :)


Seed Haven 2015 Test Garden Layout