Planting of the restaurant demo garden

This project started some time ago but, in Ottawa, the tradition is not to plant annuals until after May 24. GUESS WHAT!! On the night of May 22, there was a heavy frost. We had covered all annuals and were lucky to have had only minimal damage. Guess the 30-31 C days a week or so ago were NOT harbingers of an early Spring. For the two days following the frost, we were presenting Seed Haven at a local garden center. They were not so lucky. All vegetables got seriously damaged and were not saleable. Seed Haven users told us they covered Seed Haven with Saran Wrap and all was well. Heat from the ground was trapped within and protected their new seedlings.

Today we arrived at the demo garden with transplants in tow. Wait! What's that long eared critter sitting in the nice fresh soil? The local bunny rabbit. Rats! After constructing a chicken wire fence around the garden, we were again ready to get planting. We set out four Lebanese cucumbers, two in each of two Seed Havens. A trellis with supports spanning both Seed Havens was previously constructed. Supports are in Seed Havens in order not to make a path for critters. Next, we set out two sets of tomatoes "Celebrity" and placed cages around them. The cage feet fit snugly within Seed Haven. Finally, six red leaf lettuce plants were set out. 

Safe from our long eared friend and in a very sunny spot, all should go well. The rain today is a welcome treat for our new transplants.

Papa Sams Seed Haven Demo Garden