Peter Jordan, Founder, Gardineer

I am a retired Chemical Engineer and software professional. 

Our two wonderful granddaughters are vegetarians making growing healthy organic veggies and herbs a must. However, when we attempted to grow vegetables and herbs, crawling pests defeated our efforts. Earwigs, slugs etc. destroyed seedlings and transplants and made whatever produce we obtained unfit for human consumption. We had to create a pesticide free solution.

Years of testing various concepts resulted in an innovative, elegant and easy to use solution. It embodies many of the best principles of hydroponics and irrigation systems and it blocks the devastating crawling pests without pesticides. 

Now, Seed Haven, our eco-friendly pesticide free solution is available to all gardeners. We hope it will help to reduce the use of pesticides and to encourage everyone to grow food at home in a more carefree and productive manner.

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